The aim of the Image Acquisition Working Group is to provide technical guidance to the forensic community regarding current best practices in forensic imaging. The Working Group has created a forensic imaging protocol flow chart that will enable hyperlinking of items in the flow chart to appropriate technical guidance documents for post-mortem radiography and computed tomography, including specific image acquisition protocols, review articles on forensic imaging practice, or other types of guidance.  The goal is to create a modular document that can be easily updated as the field progresses.  Additionally, we aim to create a document that is flexible enough to meet the needs of practitioners in different legal systems with different levels of access to imaging technology, image reading expertise, and image storage technology.  The document will provide recommendations regarding Gold (best), Silver (good), and Bronze (minimum) levels of practice and provide examples of published protocols from various countries.  The Working Group encourages contributions and feedback from all interested ISFRI members.